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Celebrating the Hope

While we can't promise you 100% improvement in your circumstances, we can provide direction to give you more hope in your journey. Check out the testimonials of those who found information and hope through the knowledge we have gained through our own journey.

"After six years of chasing symptoms it only took one Facebook chat with Lena and our journey to recovery began. Lena was the first person to ever suggest mold can be a problem. Since September 2016 she has helped me understand symptoms, interpret lab results, and educated me on detoxing both our home and our bodies. I will forever be grateful for Lena's insight and knowledge but mostly for the help and hope she gave me."

Joanne - Birmingham, MI

Lena personally reached out to me, after our family had been through some pretty horrific and traumatizing times with health loss and financial loss that was crippling. I felt so discouraged and low, and from the start, she reached out to encourage, offer love, and her own advice/experience. I highly recommend working with her as her heart it genuinely to help people...and to love them where they're at, while encouraging them to dig deeper and move forward."


Sarah - Burton, MI

In learning about Erika's journey with all the health issues that it entails, all the articles posted have tremendously made myself and others aware.

Susan - Shelby Charter Twp, MI

When Erika got sick you explained what Lyme disease was. I hadn't a clue before that - I didn't even know. This has been a journey of learning experience for me...Thank you.

Denise - Newport, TN

All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Testimonials are true.

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