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Is Coaching Right for Me?

Everyone needs a little help now and then, and when dealing with Lyme and mold you need all the help you can get. Let Lyme and Mold Coach help you! 

Following are 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to see if coaching is right for you. (Yes, we know! There are actually more than five questions here but answer the ones in bold first and then consider the rest.)

1. Imagine the next bend in the path on the journey of your life. Is it scary and what do you want to be different around the bend from what it is now? If we focus too much on what it is that's wrong, instead of how we want our lives to look, we stay stuck. But, what if you can look forward just enough to believe that there is a chance for change and certainly hope for it?

2. What new behaviors, skills, or abilities do you need to develop to face what's around the bend in the path with a little more confidence and hope? When we go into the future armed with more peace, joy, love, positive thinking patterns, and healthy behaviors we set ourselves up for success. Too often people are afraid of what's around the corner, even if they know it could be good, because it is the unknown. 

3. Identify any big decisions you need to make now, or at least before too long, so that you can meet the next thing head on and with fewer feelings of inadequacy. Then, ask yourself, what feels right to you and, what do specialists in the field say?” Making decisions can be scary because after all, what if the decision is the wrong one? We get it. But not making decisions when they need to be made does nothing to move you forward down the path. At best you will stay stagnant, and at worst you can find yourself slipping further and further off the path into a ditch of hopelessness.

4. What are the truths and lies you are telling yourself about reaching your destination? What narrative or negative report is keeping you stuck? Often when hearing a specific thing from others or ourselves long enough, even when it isn't correct, we start believing that piece of false news. The battle begins in our brains where our thoughts and emotions can be highly influenced by what we set our minds on.

5. What is your top priority, right now? Identifying where you want to begin is important. When you decide to do something about your predicament you have already won half the battle. As the saying goes, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".


If you had a hard time answering these questions or overwhelming emotions invaded while answering them, you may want to consider letting Lyme and Mold Coach help you along the journey. We will be right beside supporting you for as long as you will have us! We look forward to rejoicing with you as you find hope in your journey!

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