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Food Prep

Whether you're the one who's ill and preparing meals, or if you're the caregiver, finding and preparing food that the chronically ill person can eat can be quite a challenge. Additionally, it can take a lot of energy as well as money to prepare healthy food. More has to be considered than just what type of food you will make. You need to know that you can tackle it with the least amount of expended energy. Lyme and Mold Coach to the rescue!

On this page you will find suggestions for making meal preparation and reducing food waste a bit easier. And, if you have tips, tricks. or suggestions you would like to share please feel free to email us - you may find your idea posted here!

One of the biggest things when you are dealing with chronic pain is to have utensils on hand that are comfortable to use and that require as little work as possible. Items with silicone and/or large non slip handles make food prep less painful. 

Small Green Vegetable Knife
Cooking Tools
Measuring Scoops
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